19th Anniversary Message

Message from our CEO

Wow! It has been 19 years that we have started Access Spectrum Co., Ltd.. We’ve had lots of happy, exciting, fun, crazy, stressful, sweaty, and of course inspiring moments working with the technology & challenges.

The management of Access Spectrum would like to thank to our staff members and extended our thanks to all the family members as well. Without all of you, we would not reach to 19th year and thank you so much indeed my brothers and sisters.

Although we have challenges, uncertainty, stress, and difficulties, and sometimes it looks like we lost the way; but I believed that we have had overcome with our team spirit.

Let's try to achieve more to make a positive difference in our stakeholders’ lives.

On 24th of September 2017, Access Spectrum is still going strong in the business and we thank you all the stakeholders ( customers & partners, community, friends & families ) for your ongoing strong support.


Message from our ACCESS SPECTRUM TEAM:

Access Spectrum has turned into 19th Years today. We wish to thank our customers & partners, friends & families, without WHOM we could not have 19th Anniversary.



Access Spectrum in the 19 years

First and foremost, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your interest and support towards Access Spectrum. Ever since we began our journey in 1998, Access Spectrum has always been concerned about our social responsibilities, and has concluded that we have to contribute to the customers whether directly or indirectly impact by our solutions through integrity, care and efficiency.

While we are trying to become a Premier ICT Solutions provider to accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey, our main purpose is to make a positive difference in our stakeholders’ lives.

Access Spectrum has stipulated the company core values: self-development, teamwork, best customer experience and positive attitude with responsibility. And we are doing our best to full fill our promises in order to become a trusted business partner for customers.

Marking 2017 as Access Spectrum's 19th Anniversary, we are advancing towards an accelerator for your digital transformation journey.

The future of Access Spectrum embraces our core values, especially fulfilling the promises with our customers. Looking ahead, we are focused on integrating products and services into innovative solutions for a reliable digital environment. This enables our customers to focus on their agile businesses.

On behalf of everyone at Access Spectrum, we would be greatly honored to have your continuous support and encouragements throughout Access Spectrum's constant efforts to become a company that provides Best Customer Experience in your digital transformation.

We look forward to your continuous feedback & support, both of which will contribute greatly to our success. As always, it was a pleasure serving and working with you all for the past 19 years.

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