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Value Added by Access Spectrum

Rising energy costs and regulations compound the expense to power and cool your data center. Reduce operational costs and your IT environmental impact using outdoor air.

We will address this by providing Precision Air Conditioning which is more power efficient and energy saving, suitable designed for Data Center. In addition, we will provide Cooling Solution for Data Center in Today’s World that will raise your PUE level.

Data Center cooling is critical component of an efficient data center (for better power utilization efficiency). (PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center. PUE is determined by dividing the amount of power entering a data center by the power used to run the computer infrastructure within it.)

We’re the natural choice

All over the world, air-conditioning systems made by STULZ are keeping sensitive information and communication technology cool. In data centers and mobile phone stations, they ensure maximum availability with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, STULZ precision air-conditioning systems and chillers are employed in industrial production and medicine, too.

  • Worldwide
  • Precision A/C
  • Telecom A/C
  • Chillers


Expertise for technical solutions

STULZ stands for engineers who know their business and a sales team who knows about technology. Products and services from STULZ embody a wealth of experience gathered from many thousands of projects. With expert advice, meticulous implementation and lasting service, they develop tailor-made solutions for customers and partners in all industries - with precision, punctuality and partnership.
Planning, building and operating

With expert advice, meticulous implementation and lasting service, STULZ is at hand throughout the life-cycle of complex air-conditioning and building services technology.

Precision climate control ensures availability

Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology precisely to the last degree. In data centres and mobile phone network exchanges, their cost-efficient, continuous operation reliably ensures the high availability of computer systems.

If required, all units can be equipped with interfaces for connection to building services management systems from known manufacturers. This enables central monitoring and control at all times.

CyberAir 3 – Maximum efficiency in data center air conditioning

The CyberAir 3 precision air-conditioning system with Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling and Direct Free Cooling conditions the air in data centers and technology rooms with a heat load of over 20 kilowatts up to 60% more economically than conventional compressor cooling systems.

Compact Plus – Small entry-level unit with a large impact

For minimal investment, the Compact Plus precision air-conditioning system ensures the availability of your sensitive technology in large rooms with a heat load of over 18 kilowatts.

MiniSpace – Compact precision for computer rooms

The MiniSpace precision air-conditioning system from STULZ cools small servers and equipment rooms with a heat load of up to 28 kilowatts.