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Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Access Spectrum is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for our staff members and contractors through active participation of staff, contractors and visitors to improve HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) performance. We have established an HSE management system framework to:

     comply with HSE related laws and regulations

     ensure all hazards are adequately managed and mitigation measures are in place to control the identified hazards

The framework includes all activities that are within the HSE scope, including, but not limited to:

     Health, safety and hygiene

     HSE risk management

     Third-party/Contractor management (for compliance with HSE regulations)

     Bio safety and waste management (Warehouse, Service center)

     Warehousing, transport and traffic safety

     Incident reporting (definitions, when, how and who to report)

     Disaster/emergency preparedness (incidents having impact on people, property and reputation)
     Business continuity management

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